Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Author's Description: "Forgotten"

Author's Description:  "Forgotten"

    "Forgotten" is a tale derived from a section of "Search For Yesterday" where Kid finds the remains of an extinct people.  It has its beginning in fifteenth century Mexico, on the tail end of the Spanish Conquest.  In the story, the secret of the fabled "Seven Aztec Cities of Gold" sought by conquistadors for centuries, is revealed.  In an effort to protect their threatened existence from an angry Earth God, Dante Cristobal, the chosen royal grandson of both Cortez and Montezuma is snatched from his Spanish world, and prepared to lead a treasure laden expedition far into northern lands in search of a place to build a new secret city. 
     In this thrilling look back in time, the complete story of Kid's hidden valley unfolds, explaining the mystery surrounding his fascinating discoveries there.

Book Status:  First draft of the manuscript is complete, time of submittal undetermined at this point.

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