Monday, January 25, 2010

Author's Description: "Posey Dawson"

Set in the early 1890's.  When forced to move to a new town with his family, seventeen year old Posey Dawson meets with humiliating rejection in his attempts to fit in with his peers.  Finally, after repeated clashings with his parents, he sets out seeking freedom from the rigid constraints of his father's rules.  Upon entering the town of Fillmore Utah, he unwittingly steps into a web of twisted lies, and in his quest to recapture his lost nerve, quickly makes himself an enemy of Reese Johnson, step son and Ram Rod of Rex Kensington, the richest, most powerful rancher in the territory.  Mavenee, Kensington's daughter, a beautiful, yet different girl from any Posey had known, befriends him, becoming party to the tumultuous whirlwind of exciting events that follow, forcing Posey down a path of hair raising escapades, wherein he discovers not only the substance he is made of, but also the tangled net of lives that had been its source.  Leaving Grantsville Utah a presumptuous, head strong boy, Posey Dawson weaves an unpredictable path through Central Utah, east through the wild territory of West Central Colorado to a place where his inception and fate collide to make him a formidable man.

Current Status:  This manuscript is in pre-submittal stage, and will be submitted for publishing in the coming year, most likely on the heals of  "Trail of the Damned".  Anticipated release day somewhere near Spring of 2014

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