Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book Two: Trail Of The Damned

Trail Of The Damned begins in upstate New York, and travels across country in a thrilling story of adventure, friendship, family, and love.  Taking place in a simultaneous time line, parallelling "Search For Yesterday", this epic tale fills in the forgotten gap in time, introducing events, and people which surround Kid before and after the tragic loss of his home, family, and his memory of everything connected to them..
Deacon Wells, Uncle to Kid on his mother's side, arrives in Missouri to find only a burnt home, and grave markers where his Rose Marie Lambert, his only living family and her husband had built their farm.  He finds a crinkled note, at the abandoned Halladay home which sets him on the trail of the mob who killed them, praying he reaches them before they find his nephew.
In the end, he questions his motives, wondering if finding his nephew will be enough to erase the blood from his own hands.

Current Status:  This manuscript is still in pre-submittal stage.  I will likely submit it to the publisher within six months of Search For Yesterday's release in hopes of making it available by the holiday season of 2013.

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