Friday, February 4, 2011

Living The Dream (One)

     What's it like? ...Living in a "Dream Moment?"  Such a moment as you've only ever been able to dream of. 
     When I began experiencing some of those very moments in the early stages of writing my first novel, "Search For Yesterday", I had to write them down, to help the revelry last, sustain the euphoria of my creative writing adventure until the next "Wow" moment came along.
     As a seventeen year old kid, I once approached my dad with a fantastic notion, having just closed the final page of one of Louis L'Amour's western novels.  Also being a fan of the legendary author's romantic westerns, he looked up from the one he was reading and gave me his full fatherly attention.
     "You know Dad," I began excitedly, "...every one of these books should have it's own cool drawing, and a song."  He was amused, and nodded back with a smile,
     "Yeah, I know what you mean son, ...I like em' too."

     The youthful notion may have been a little over the top, but it was typical of me back then.  With my musical background, artistic hand, and creative thought processes, such an idea seemed completely reasonable in the moment, but I didn't even consider trying my hand at writing such a story that might inspire someone else as L'Amour had me.  As mentioned in a previous blog post, that thought didn't come until later that year, when the idea for "Search For Yesterday" first came unexpectedly into my mind.

     Now, thirty two years later, I am in the early stages of living a dream much bigger than the one I divulged to my father on that lazy Saturday afternoon.  Periodically, I will post portions of my journal, chronicling this exciting dream travel as I feel I need to call it, because the surreal nature of it feels like nothing less than a dream.

Nov. 14, 2008
     I started my story again this morning, the one I tried to write several times years ago, and surprisingly, it seems to be alive in me still.  This time, however, I've added a different twist.  After getting clocked on the head by that boulder a few years ago, resulting in temporary memory loss, I thought infusing what I learned from emotional toll the whole experience took on me, might lend the needed intrigue my story lacked to finally carry me past the first chapter, ...and it did!  I changed my main character from a seven year old, to a fifteen year old boy, who, while smack in the middle of his tumultuous adolescents, with all its attending hormonal and emotional upheaval, finds himself suddenly alone in the world, and totally without memory to boot. 
     I didn't have any construction work to do today so I started writing at about 9:30 this morning, and kept at it until after eleven at night, the whole time experiencing a groove of creative thought that I couldn't even keep up with. It was awesome!  I can't believe what is happening to me, even though I'm only thirty pages in, I can't help thinking that this is going to be big.  I really hope I won't have to plow tomorrow, because, although we need the money, I can't wait to tap back into the indescribable feelings I had today.

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