Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crazy In Love With Her

She's a year or two past perfect, ...and still she stays behind to help me along life's winding road.  I wish I could have been around to see her magical journey to who she was when I met her, but then again, maybe she'd have chosen differently and I'd have missed out on being here for the past 27 years.

     Born in Miami the sixth of eight children, the baby girl that would eventually grow into the woman of my dreams, navigated her path through childhood and adolescence with charm and grace, all the while maintaining her beautiful innocence.  I often told my mother whenever she inquired as to my plans for marriage and family, that, "I would find the most beautiful girl in the world, and when I did, I'd marry her."  She'd chuckle and say she couldn't wait.  Then, when I brought Marianne home for the first time, Mother, bless her heart, agreed whole heartily that I'd done exactly what I had said I would. 
     When Marianne was five or there about, her family, who had years earlier fled their native Cuba to escape Castro, moved to Puerto Rico, where she eventually transformed from a cute little girl into an exotic Island flower.  Beauty, however, turned out to be only a small part of her heaping sack of virtues, as I came to discover her true character and her many hidden talents and abilities during in our early years together.  Fluent in both English and Spanish, she was a valued sales associate to her father's Art and Custom Framing Galleries, later teaching Spanish to corporate transplants in San Juan. 
She worked difficult hours as an evening bank teller to help me provide for our growing family, all the while rearing and nurturing our babies.  She discovered her love for fitness while pregnant with our daughter Clara and has never looked back, becoming one of the most respected and successful advocates and teachers of health, nutrition and personal wellness that could be found anywhere in Utah. 
She's been a faithful wife, a dutiful mother, a beloved friend and neighbor, for all our married life, serving diligently in a wide range of church, community and charity functions, where     countless lives have been blessed. 

Today's her birthday, and I bless every minute of it for the rare privilege it has been to be loved by her.  She is the Queen of our home, the center of our children's and my universe, the driving force behind all good that has ever been done by me, and after twenty five years together, I am crazy in love with her still...   Happy Birthday Baby

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  1. Amen to how sweet she is! Amen to how beautiful she is on the inside and out... What a fitting tribute to your sweetheart! I am sure this made her day!