Sunday, June 19, 2011

"In less than A Blink"

It's Father's Day, and as such I want to send out proper respect and best wishes to all of you fathers who, like my Dad, have given so much to bless the lives of your sons and daughters, ...and often those of children who don't have a figure like you built into their lives.  Thank you and my very best as you continue in your necessary role.

Now to something even more pressing on my mind and heart.  Today I celebrate twenty five years of marriage with my beautiful bride.  For those who are not acquainted with Marianne and I personally, here's a little peek.
     On Tuesday August 3 of 1984 I arrived as arranged at Rick and Linda Hartley's front door step to meet my blind date.  Expectations were high that evening as I approached the screen door, having already met two of the Chavez sisters and found them to be extremely talented and drop dead gorgeous on all accounts.  The sound of cooing and mindless baby talk reached me and reaching for the doorbell, I peered into the living room beyond the screen door to find a figure of a girl with her back to me, bending down over a baby that lay on the floor.  The bell chimed, and my eyes widened as a stunning face appeared looking back at me between her legs. 

I would have said my vows right then had someone let me, and as it was, I immediately began dreaming of the day when I could.  Marianne and I had a wonderful evening that night in the company of Skip and Faun Jackson who kindly agreed to come along, and feeling the intense need to make a lasting impression, I cancelled dates for the rest of the week to spend every second I could with her.

Marianne returned to Puerto Rico with her family and for the next week, we wrote and called back and forth until the day she returned to attend school there the following year.  In the fall of 1985 I proposed, and on June 19, 1986 our marriage was solemnized in the Salt Lake City, LDS Temple, a day that still lives in my memory as the best day of my young life.

Pencil Portrait that I drew for Marianne while we
were apart that first yearthat first year.  It has
hung in our room all of our married life.

Together over the past twenty five years, we've worked to provide for and rear eight children, four girls and four boys, each of which have blessed our lives tremendously in their own unique way.  People say lasting marriages are a thing of the past, and while the statement may be partly true, it needs completing. What Marianne and I have is not only a thing of the past, but also very much a thing of the present with tremendous promise for the future!

As I reflect, our time together all comes back in less than a blink, and even though life is far from perfect, ...with my Marianne, at least I'm complete.

Happiness is not a destination, it's an unpredictable journey filled with highs and lows, joy and sometimes despair, but finds completion in forgiveness, love, and hope.

I love you Sweet Heart, ...I'd do it over a million times and not change a thing

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