Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Deserving Of Being Proclaimed"

Far too seldom does Humanity acknowledge the individual building blocks from which it is made, and to which it owes survival.  When we stray away from our simplistic and protected early lifestyle as we grow and venture off into the complexities of life, the sole reason we somehow are able to keep hold of our spinning reality stems from our beginnings where we were taught, nurtured, comforted and coddled within the protective confines of family.  Some may contend that it is not the lot of every child to enjoy such a privileged start, and in fact, with relaxing morals, social standards and adding to that, the rapid decline of the human condition in general throughout the world, fewer and fewer children born will ever know such a thing.  Still, regardless of ever increasing challenges, and life tragedies, enough of our youth are growing into productive, honorable, and moral contributors to society, moulded and completely tooled, to more than capably carry our world into the future. 
     I had a wonderful Mother, and a strong principled, and moral Father.  I enjoyed close interaction with six siblings, older and younger, and never went a day of my life without at least the option of a roof over my head and plenty of food in my belly.  The blessed security of  family has always been mine whenever I chose it, regardless of social status, employment, success or failure, and to this day, their endorsement means more to me than any other, accepting perhaps God's.  As I interact with people of varying cultures, upbringings, and education, I find more and more that my affinity for family is neither unique, nor is it mine alone, but is possessed and cherished by nearly all who have ever experienced it.  Which brings me to this question.
     How then is it possible that so many who's lives from the very beginning are fraught with sadness, dis function, and poverty, still find their way above and beyond the oppressing fray to statures of glorious triumph in the world.  I find it difficult to see myself amounting to anything of significance had I not been so blessed as a child, yet somehow people all over the planet have and are yet doing just that and more.
     Minutes after the passing of my brother Van, in June of last year, I came upon an new emotion that I have since become convinced is the answer to that question.  All my life I have been taught that I was a spirit son of God, belonging to His Eternal family, and that all of Human Kind share the same condition.  But never until I experienced the feelings of loss that came with Van's passing did I fully appreciate that ideology or doctrine.  As I walked from the hospital, I felt as if a chunk of my soul was gone, and the feeling has persisted ever since.  My heart goes out to any and all who daily are required to endure such a tearing ache, especially those who's faith isn't sufficient to allow them hope of a reunion with their loved ones.  
     Several years back, a "Proclamation" by the First Presidency of the LDS Church, was given to the world.  "To the world?"  I questioned, and as a practicing Mormon, I am embarrassed that for a moment at least I questioned their rightful place to make such a proclamation.  Today I would like to add a resounding Amen to their bold words, understanding that "Family" is so much more than the intimate social condition that surrounds and shapes our early years of mortality.  "Family" is an Eternal condition, that extends way beyond the finite boundaries that we are allowed to see of our life on this earth.  I feel such a loss with the absence of my brother because he and I are connected spiritually, and inseparably regardless of the sphere of life we exist on.  The reason individuals of all walks of life, still raise to exemplary heights in spite of privilege, or lack of it, is because they too are connected spiritually and inseparably to God, and when they are willing, he lifts them to him.
  Now as I enjoy my own little brood of children, and have opportunity to watch them grow and even start families of their own, I thank God for the small glimpse into what he must feel looking on, as he lifts and helps me along my way.  Props to anybody who Proclaims, Celebrates, and Protects "Family"  Thank you.


  1. A resounding, "Amen!"

    (((Hugs))) to you and yours!


  2. Thank you for this. It reminds me of how I felt and still feel about my father. He passed away suddenly of a heart attack 14 years ago. There are still days when I will want to call and talk to him, but then I am reminded that he is no longer w/us in this life. It is then that I get that gentle reminder from my loving Heavenly Father that I will be reunited with my father again some day.