About the Author

     Quinn Orr Heder was born in Sierra Madre, CA, but grew up in rural south and central Utah, son of Walter and Mabel Heder.  The third child in a family of nine, he attended grade school in Milford and Filmore Utah, and High School at Richfield High, graduating with the class of 1980.  His loves are nature, art, and music, all of which played significant roles in his development.
     After completing a two year missionary service for the Church of Jesus Christ, he began his University studies at the University of Utah, and later transferred to Brigham Young University.  Marriage and family soon followed, interrupting his educational pursuits, but not squelching his dream to become a published Author, even though for a period of twenty years it became necessary to put his personal aspirations on hold.
     Quinn's love for writing stems from his childhood, inspired while listening to his mother read to him at an early age, followed by influential elementary school teachers who similarly brought classic stories to life in his youthful imagination.  Later, AP English teachers and writing professors, instructed and encouraged him to expand his vision of society, politics, religion, and his debt to each, while remaining true to his passion. 
     As a young boy growing up on a farm, the small town of Milford, its surrounding flats, and desert mountains became his wonderland, allowing him rare adventure most other boys could only read or dream about.  Life's education, along with deep devotion to God, family, and friends has been the source of his happiness and is the substance behind his not so fictional writings.
     For a glimpse into who Quinn is, his core values and beliefs, along with what has brought him to this point, one has only to read his stories, for therein are found many of his heretofore private emotions, personal expressions, and life experiences that lay at his very center, while providing his foundation.