Search for Yesterday Feedback

Stacie Yates Christensen, 11/24/11
Quinn, my 16 year old read your book and LOVED it. He said, "Man he should write another one." I told him you already have it written just need it published. Thanks for writing a book that my son (who hates to read) can relate to and loves!!

Quinn, I did it, I finished your book. Holy Cow dude, I am totally impressed!!!!!! Here is my review..

Search for Yesterday overwhelmed me at first with the amount of detail in the first couple of chapters. I had many things to read and decided I would not finish the book. However, I chose to read it while doing my morning work out at the gym. Each day I became more entranced with the challe...
nges and blessings of “Kid”. When I reached the last 120 pages, I had to stop everything and just finish the book. Now I cannot wait to find out what “Cole” will encounter in his next adventure. I’ve never read this type of novel before and that might be my struggle with the first couple of chapters. Having overcome that stumbling block I came to point where I felt I was there at the Double H ranch exploring the history of the American West! I highly recommend this first adventure and look forward to the continuing story created by Quinn Heder.

Phyllis Wagner (Queensland Australia)
Hi Quinn!
I received your books last week.  I was reading another at the time so I waited until I finished that one before I started in on yours!  I finished yours last night.  I am soooo impressed Quinn!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and my husband is glad that I am done reading it so I can get back to work around here!!  Thank you so much for sending an extra book.  I will, indeed, share it.  My daughter has been waiting for me to finish mine so I can pass it on to her.  Thanks too for your kind words to me as you signed the book.
I did recognize you in there.  You too had an eagle didn't you?  At first, when I read that you wrote a book, I was somewhat surprised.  I didn't think of you as an author.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that that is exactly what you would do.  You always, as I remember, saw "into" people.  I also remember you as feeling hurt by people who you saw as hurting.  Anyway, enough of that.  Just wanted to say that yes, there is a Quinn in Kid!! 
Now, tell me, is there a Trail Of The Damned to buy and read now?  I don't see it on your site so I'm not sure as to what's up with that.  I can see a need for a sequel!  I need it! 
Great stuff Quinn.  You have the gift!  Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!
Your friend,

Alan ShingletonHey Guinn just finished your book today! I loved it, when is the next one coming out? Hopefully realy realy soon.

Steffanie Jensen Peck The book was AWESOME!!!!! I can't wait for book 2 to come out!! How many books are in the series?

Pat Langston Great book, I just read your book. We are ready for the next one Quinn!

Marcie Belton  I should have written this LOOONG ago, but your book is absolutely amazing!! I have never read a book written by someone I know and there were times when I would have to pause, pull back, and say, "oh my gosh, he really wrote this"??!! Love it, bring the next one out quick!!

Cheryl Boyle
(Proof reader Deseret Book)
Dear Quinn, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read your book.  I promise it was well written, I read it in just a few days - couldn't put it down.  I can't believe it was the first book you have ever written!  Keep writing, you definitely are gifted.
Bill Heder
"This was a great read---but way too short! I started it with my two daughters as bed time material, but we quickly found that a chapter or two each evening was not enough. Each night found us in trouble as we read past the girls' bedtimes. Finally, after a couple of weeks of forced restraint, I gave up and just stayed up and read to the end. I'm glad I did. It was worth the punch in the shoulder I got from Marie when she found out I'd cheated and read ahead! Great job!"
Donetta Anderson
Bravo!  Bravo!  Great book, great vocab, description, and story!
Keeps interest, puts you in the period of time as well as captures the beauty of that era, the           mountains, meadows and cliffs. Oh yes, ...clever ending too, Congratulations!
P.S.  I am a crazy reader so I can make legitimate observations, I hope...

Judy Hardy 
So many people like your book, I think you have a best seller on your hands.  I was at work this morning when Shelley Fisher Livingston came in with the on coming shift and said, "Well I finished the book you gave me!"  Tell Quinn I want Book 2 right now!  Then she wanted to know how to get a message to ya about it.  
The book was super great, I dont think I have ever read a book that has so many emotions in it sadness, happy, suspense.  One chapter I would have tears, a couple sentences later I was laughing a few chapters later I was afraid.  This is one book I will read again.  It was great to have such wonderful personalities as our own beloved Jackie and Coy play such a big part in the story, and the big meal Jackie put on when the Halladays came, was great!  I can still see all that great fresh corn the real Jackie and Coy used to cart all around Milford in their trunk, giving it to everyone, they always grew the very best and were so generous with it.

Steffanie Jensen Peck 
"I started "Search For Yesterday" on Sunday morning and haven't been able to stop reading it!! If you have not ordered your copy yet, then stop whatever your doing and order your copy!!!! You will not be disappointed!! Quinn, I hope we don't have to wait to long for the sequel!!! THE BOOK IS AWESOME!!"

Linda Hartley, San Clemente CA, March 17th 2011
I just finished reading Search for Yesterday. There are so many things I loved about this book. Beginning with the title! It had my attention from the get go. In my life as in most people's, I need rest from the realities of my daily life's demands. . Reading a good story definitely does that for me. Reading this book not only helped me " escape" but while escaping I felt very much connected to the " humanity" of each of the characters. The author writes like he talks, and I loved that. It was especially delightful for me because I know the author. I think it was effortless to connect and engage and be lead into a time and place of a different way of life. However, though a different time and era... the human emotions were all too familiar. Fear, hope, integrity, greed, dishonesty, just to mention a few... and the need every soul has to know they belong and that they are loved, definitely struck a cord with me. I did not even miss my favorite T.V show. which I skipped gladly to read yet another chapter.
I enjoyed my experience reading this little " gold nugget" and cheerfully recommend it to anyone who wants to escape their daily reality and routine. Can't wait for the sequel.
P.S. Crusty foot: Who's was it????

Sharla Braithwaite Duffin, March 11th 2011
What a FABULOUS book... I can hardly wait for the next one!! I couldn't put it down - my kids had to feed themselves! :)

Gayle Tolley Gale, March 11th 2011
Ron just finished reading "Search For Yesterday" he yanked it right out of my hands after I finished it. After taking time out only for eating, sleeping and JAZZ games, he finished it in record tome, with a big smile.

Anonymous, March 10th 2011
All i can say is WOW! i haven't felt this way about a book in who knows how long! I love to read, but this had me sucked into and loving every second of it! i couldn't put it down! I'm excited to read more! great author! thank you!

Gayle Gale, March 7th 2011
I was right there, petting Red, climbing the rocks and felt the darkenss and coolness of the caves. Many surprizes , that I knew would have to be in store, kept me wanting to turn still another page. Great work Quinn, where did you learn about all the material to support the story line so interestingly? I could see a huge amount of background study. Glad to see Coy and Jackie appear....Loved it!

Anonymous, March 4th
This was a really fun and cute book, I can't wait for the next one. Thanks for the adventure!

Karen Poulson, Utah March 4th 2011
WOW Quinn! I just finished reading the book yesterday and have already recommended it to our book club...It was AMAZING! Are the canyons, valleys and caves REAL places? Through your writing I honestly felt as if it were ME exploring all the wonders of that beautiful area and I long to go there and explore AGAIN! I have found myself daydreaming and visualizing all of it...INCREDIBLE! I can't wait for the sequel! And I look forward to reading more books from Quinn O. Heder!

Jill Huntsman, Utah March 3 at 6:17am 
Loved this book. Can't wait for the sequel. It's one of those books that immediately gets you sucked in and leaves you wanting more. I started reading it in the afternoon thinking I'd just read a little here and there. But I kept picking it up and before I knew it I had read the whole book by the next afternoon. It left me wanting more. I can't wait to see what happens next to the young boy who's overcome so much in the last two years of his life.

Kris Patrick, Utah March 2 2011
"WOW!!! Just finished your book...had to decide do I go to church or stay home and finish the book...went to church and just finished... I can't wait for your next one...I could picture being there while reading this book... I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Courtney Hartley, Texas March 2 2011
"So I started the book the second it arrived. I love it so far, I'm recommending it to my friends here."

Anonymous 2/25/11
I'm not one to beat around the bush. I read a LOT and so many new books put out, I am not impressed with. But, once I started reading Search for Yesterday, I literally could not put it down. The writing style was so captivating that I became completely invested in what was going on in the story. There were so many parts that just made me smile and I absolutely loved it! The characters were relatable and...well, there's really so much more I want to say about this book, but I'm not as eloquent with my words! I only hope those who have read it recognize its genius and are more able to express the beauty of this story. It's definitely a book I would read over and over again and will recommend it to any and all. I can't wait to read more books by Quinn Heder - you're one of my new favorite authors!

Anonymous 2/24/11
LOVE IT! as i've told you the same but its kept me hooked from the beginning to end and i really got a good feel for all the characters and connected to all of them. I love everything about it! I cant wait to read Trail of the Damned!